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In East Africa( Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania), where the cities are often gridlocked and congested with traffic, the fastest way to travel is on motorbike taxi’s called “Boda Bodas”.
The term “Boda Boda” originally referred to the bicycles that transported passengers between the old colonial borders: “border-to-border” became “Boda-Boda”. Today the term commonly refers to motorbike taxis in the city and other towns.
Whilst some will look at the Boda Boda and think “No ways am I getting on a motorbike!”, in Kampala it is a way of life. If you want to get anywhere on time, get on a Boda. For most of the day the roads are congested with traffic and these jams are legendary. From tourists to corporate business people, everyone rides a Boda and they are readily available at almost every corner and reasonably priced. It is just easier than pulling your hair out waiting in traffic to move an inch in your car. For first-timers it can be a little scary what with the speeding buses and taxis driving past precariously close but after a while, you get used to it and aside from the occasional gust of dust that will brush your face, it is a pretty easy way to travel.

Kampala has a rhythm and pulse that keeps it moving and one has to connect to it if you want to get things done. Boda Boda drivers know this and they are considered the modern day African cowboys of the road, hustling through the traffic on their trusty steeds and needing only to say four words to their customers: “Jump on, hold tight!”